Talent Retention Percentage

Determine the number and details of the top talents in your company, then monitor how well your company is retaining them by measuring the turnover percentage from this group of top talents. If the percentage is high then you know your retention scheme involving reward and career progression/development programme is not working effectively

Average number of vacation days per employee

Average number of vacation days per employee.

Female-Male salary ratio relation

Ratio of female to male salaries including bonus, etc. per hierarchy level. Some globally active companies might not publish, for fear of legal problems (esp. in US).

Salary & Expenses Overpayment %

Percentage of overpayment of salaries and expenses.

401K plan utilization %

401K plan utilization percentage.

Management compensation as % of total compensation

Management compensation as a percentage of total compensation.

% of total compensation tied to performance

Percentage of total compensation tied to performance.

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