% of new hire retention

Percentage of new hire retention after certain period (e.g. 12 months). Number of new hires that still work for the company versus the total number of hires.

Average time to recruit

The average time it takes from having a job vacancy to fullfilling the open position.

% of vacancies filled internally

Percentage of vacancies filled internally.

Average open time of job positions

Average time that job positions have not been fullfilled i.e. open, based on all posted job positions within the measurement period.

Average number of interviewees for open job positions

Average number of persons that have been interviewed for open job positions within a given measurement period.

Average cost to recruit per job position

Average costs of recruitment per job position. Total cost of recruitment within measurement period divided by the number of job positions in that period

% of job vacancies

Number of job vacancies (in FTE) relative to the total number of employees (in FTE).

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