% of preventive maintenance cost

Percentage of preventive maintenance cost of total maintenance costs within measurement period. Preventive maintenance cost is the cost associated with maintenance carried out at predetermined intervals or other prescribed criteria intended to reduce the probability of failure or degradation of performance of equipment (or plant).

% of maintenance hours of operating time (maintenance efficiency)

Maintenance efficiency is a measure of the maintenance effort required to deliver required performance levels from equipment (or plant).

Maintenance man hours is the actual maintenance man hours spent maintaining an item of equipment (or plant). Maintenance man hours includes maintenance wages, staff and contractor hours (preventive and corrective).

Operating time is productive time plus production delays.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Average time (e.g. in hours) between the occurrence of an incident and its resolution.

% of preventative maintenance tasks completed by due date

This KPI measures the efficiency of the planning department in implementing and completing P.M tasks by their due date.

Corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance ratio

Corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance ratio.

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