Job Description

Tour guides show groups of people around points of interest around a city, building or other establishment. They may work for art galleries or public buildings, and the goal of the tour can either be to educate individuals or simply to entertain.

Public speaking skills are crucial in this line of work, which should be stated on your tour guide job description. Excellent customer service skills are beneficial to possess because tour guides frequently need to respond to people’s questions and ensure everyone enjoys their time on the trip.

Time management skills are advantageous because tour guides need to ensure enough time is dedicated to each point of interest and move on when appropriate. You want skilled individuals applying for positions at your company, so use this tour guide job description template to see what kind of information is generally good to have.

Job Summary

Do you love to entertain and educate? Do you jump at the opportunity to speak to strangers about subjects you’re knowledgeable about? Do you enjoy long walks in the city? If so, then our opening of tour guide is right up your alley. You will share your passion during several walking tours every day to show tourists exactly what this city has to offer. You may also provide private tours to smaller groups of people when requested, providing plenty of new experiences and opportunities to get to know different personalities. This is a perfect line of work for creative jobseekers, so apply today.

Giải pháp kiểm soát suất ăn

ICMS là hệ thống quản lý suất ăn giúp kiểm soát chặt việc ai được phép lấy các khẩu phần ăn, giảm lãng phí và nâng cao chất lượng bữa ăn. ICMS

Job Responsibilities

  • Describe points of interest around the city to the group and answer any questions, which requires learning a comprehensive history of each check point
  • Provide directions to visitors who would like to check out a specific area at a later date, and provide information related to lodging, food and other amenities
  • Monitor the behavior of the group, especially when young children are in it, and ensure everyone remains in compliance with the rules
  • Distribute materials to the group at the beginning of the tour, which includes audio headsets and brochures
  • Greet visitors as soon as they get on board the bus, and show people to their seats if necessary
  • Be willing to put own spin on tour points, such as making jokes and providing insightful commentary
  • Work with management to develop new tour routes based on sites visitors have expressed interest in
  • Maintain a positive, friendly demeanor at all times

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Great public speaking skills
  • Outgoing personality
  • Punctual
  • Previous experience with some kind of performance-based art
  • Flexible schedule to work on weekends


  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Previous experience working as a tour guide


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