Job Description

  • A file clerk in any organization is responsible for the management of the files and important documents that are maintained by the organization. This profile was flourished with many jobs earlier when computers were not installed for data storage and management of documents in the offices. In those days the entire administration was done manually and huge piles of papers were maintained by the file clerks. Even today there are some organizations that maintain hard copies of files and papers and they require file managers to manage them properly. Sorting these files is a tedious job and someone has to be there to maintain these files and make them easily available whenever necessary. To know more about a file clerk job description, read below.
  • Some file clerks also manage light clerical duties of the company such as making records of the files and assisting the employees in locating the files. To maintain the file system of a company properly, a clerk needs to have good management skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • They need to maintain a record of the incoming files in the company and store them properly using some suitable and appropriate reference code
  • Before maintaining the files they classify them depending upon their content, purpose and user criteria
  • He should maintain an indexed record of the location of the files in some electronic system for easy access of the information
  • Should help the employees in locating the files accessing the location and make the files available at their desk
  • They also have the responsibility of making changes in the existing file management system to match the current requirements of the company
  • File clerks also perform a periodic inspection of the logs of files available with them and eliminate or move the unwanted and old documents to other places
  • They have to maintain confidentiality of the files and make sure that nobody is making illegal use of the information available with the company and the files are not handed to any unauthorized persons
  • Photocopying, sorting and filing the documents is also one of the major responsibilities of a file manager.

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Skills Required

  • A file clerk should have profound management skills and should have ability to respond quickly to the orders
  • They should have written and verbal communication skills so that they can efficiently communicate with the employees
  • Good interpersonal skills and should be able to answer the queries of the employees
  • Should be enthusiastic and goal oriented and have good administration skills
  • Proficient in handling various computer software such as Microsoft Office used in keeping records of the file management system
  • In-depth knowledge of the commonly used procedures and methods in the maintenance of the file and documents
  • Good at tracking defects in the existing systems and making necessary changes in them
  • Should be comfortable working alone as well as under the assistance of a supervisor
  • He should have ability to memorize the location of files in case there are no computerized systems to maintain the data.

Educational Qualifications Required

  • A file clerk performs the most primary management tasks in an organization. Therefore, even high school diploma holders are hired as file clerks. For the entry-level position no experience is required while there are some organizations that hire file clerks with at least 1-2 years of experience in the same or any other relevant administrations tasks.
  • The maximum compensation offered to a file clerk in United States is $24,131. You can look for this job in any organization where there is manual file management system. Hope the file clerk job description given here served to be an informative resource for you.


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